George Bullard

George serves as President and Strategic Leadership Coach for The Columbia Partnership Inc. [TCP], based in Columbia, SC which seeks to transform the capacity of the North American Church to pursue and sustain vital Christ-centered ministry. TCP is a 501[c]3 Christian ministry that has worked with more than 50 denominations throughout North America. George’s ministry has three foci: transforming congregations, transforming denominations, and coaching leaders. He has worked in these areas for almost 40 years. He has been in almost 1000 churches and worked with several thousand pastors over the past four decades. George is an author and an ordained minister who has been a pastor, planted three churches, and worked in various denominational staff roles focused on transforming congregations and coaching leaders. Over the years has served as an adjunct professor at four seminaries, and lectured at others. He leads a learning community of almost 300 people called FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community. This learning community seeks to provide skills, pathways, and case studies of congregations seeking to reach their full Kingdom potential in the context where God has placed them.